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Board/Attorney Work Session Secheduled


                                    NOTICE OF ADDITIONAL MEETING

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1st, 10AM - Board/Attorney - FACA Work Session

Station 1 - 1414 Green Mountain Dr



10-5-2022 The GVFPD Board of Directors have approved the CWPP and is now engaging in the implementation process. The first major task is working on a colaborative grant  - Larimer County Fire Defense Project Grant, National Forest Foundation and Colorado Wildfire Defense Grant.

Below are our seven programs in our section of the larger Larimer County Fire Defense Project Grant.

1.        A 1 FTE program coordinator to be hired through CPRW to work within GVFPD. The coordinator will work with the GVFPD Fire Adapted Community Alliance, HOAs and residents to complete defensible space, chipping, slash management, and landscape level risk reduction projects, and will coordinate efforts with Northern Colorado Fireshed Collaborative priorities. Five-year performance period of $360,000.

2.        CPRW will continue its work coordinating efforts among communities within the district, and will partner with the program coordinator to effectively implement defensible space, chipping, and slash management projects. CPRW’s forester will lead planning and implementation on treatments on community-owned parcels in collaboration with the NCFC and USFS to maximize treatment benefits. CPRW will also provide much-needed community engagement and outreach services, coordinate community meetings, smoke and prescribed fire messaging, community treatment tours, etc. Five-year performance period of $125,000.

3.        Treatment of 50 acres of community-owned parcels, including high risk evacuation roadways, following risk prioritization in the CWPP, and in collaboration with NCFC priorities. Five-year performance period of $400,000.

4.        Purchase of a 12” capacity drum chipper for GVFPD chipping program. Chipper will be available to groups of homeowners completing defensible space projects, as well as to larger parcels completing risk reduction work in the GVFPD. One-time purchase of $40,000.

5.        Glacier View Meadows slash pile chipping and removal. Due to the difficulty of burning the older slash pile in GVM, this project will chip and remove the material to reduce wildfire hazard presented by the old slash pile. One-year project for $25,000.

6.        Implementation of defensible space treatments on 200 highest risk parcels within the GVFPD, including 16 in Red Feather Highlands. Five-year performance period of $500,000.

7.        Evacuation exercises in cooperation with Larimer County Sheriff’s Office, Larimer County Office of Emergency Management, Larimer Emergency Telephone Authority, and the community-run North 40 Mountain Alliance. This will involve tabletop followed by functional exercises in a portion of the developed area of the GVFPD. One-time project of $35,000.




6/23 The Ember Alliance will be hosting a Pile Build Workshop. this Saturday for those properties that are allowed to acquire a burn permit through the county. If interested please sign up to attend. 

Cedar park flyer





5/24 - This message is from The Ember Alliance as they prepare for a final document of the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). Please review.

The Glacier View Fire Protection District and The Ember Alliance have teamed up to write a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) to assess wildfire risk to your community and provide recommendations for how you can mitigate that risk. Stakeholder collaboration and community participation are critical components of the CWPP process, and now we would like to hear from you! Please take some time to review the document and fill out the survey. This is your chance to provide your feedback and input before the document is finalized.

Survey to Provide Feedback:

Maps of fire behavior, potential evacuation congestion, CWPP plan units, and priority fuel treatments to address risk to the community are presented in the CWPP document and are available online for closer inspection:  



Listed below are the Partners associated with GVFPD CWPP offering guidence for mitigation and grant opportunities:

Daniel Bowker, Forester at Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed-

Gretchen Reuning, Forest Program Director at Larimer Conservation District-

Max Erickson, Supervisory Forester at Colorado State Forest Service-

Derek Rosenquist, Emergency Services Specialist at Larimer County Sherriff’s Office-

Maelly Oropeza, Manager at Larimer County Conservation Corps-

Bob Sturtevant, Conservation Chair at the Ben Delatour Scout Ranch-



The Ember Alliance has offered to share the recording from the April 6th Community Meeting. Please see link below: